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Early Summer

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Yesterday, I moved my best friend back from her college in the cities. I never realized this at the beginning of the year, but we have a very early start to summer break! My last final was May 7th - hers was the 22nd! I noticed that many larger schools from the cities got out later, also so did Anoka-Ramsey where I did PSEO. I love that I get out of school earlier! Some people might point out that we do start a week or two early (I moved in a week earlier than that, I did CSO starting August 25th), but I think it's worth it. By that time in late summer, everything is winding down and I'm somewhat excited to go back to classes. I probably don't mind as much as others too though because I went to a year-round middle school, where I started about August 1st each year. Everyone is stir crazy however by May and just want to go to the lake! Unless it's snowing... But we can't say that this year.  Next year, we actually are starting school a week later and merging our spring and Easter break together. I'm fine with starting later, but like most students I know, I'm super angry that our spring break is being cut into Easter break, in my case because I'm not sure how it will conflict with the PIFT. However, we will see! I am definitely holding off all things school until August.

Summer School

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Not a bad way to get some studying done, it's sunny and breezy today in Duluth!  

Summers in Duluth, MN

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Summer is officially in full-swing for me, and I have only made it to Duluth once! I am so sad about this because I wanted to spend as much time as possible in the city that I absolutely love! Unfortunately, I have a full-time job in my hometown (about 25 minutes away from Duluth) and by the time I finish work, I have too much to do before I have to be in bed for the next day! The one time I did go to Duluth, I ran errands with my grandma, and we hit up the mall because Express was having a great deal that I wanted to take advantage of. I'm hoping that the weekends this summer are fairly nice so I can go to park point with my friends. I am so happy that my best friend I made in college is doing an internship and staying on campus as CSS. That means that we're going to be able to see each other more than we would if she went home which is more than three hours away!! I'm looking forward to a good summer and I hope that I remember to have time for my friends and other things I like to do. It's not just about work! Even though that's what pays for college...


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Right now I'm searching for scholarship opportunities. Since I'm not starting my job for about two more weeks, I have a lot of time to focus on these type of necessities. Earlier this year I won a scholarship for $1,000 through my high school, but that's nothing in college cost terms. I'm waiting to get my financial aid package, but I have to wait until June. I know school will be a little less expensive because my parents and I both earned less this past year, plus I'm not having a meal plan. However, some scholarships I had last year weren't renewable. Some people stop applying for scholarships once they graduate high school. The truth is that there are so many scholarships available usually for sophomore and junior level students. And there are way less applicants. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and going to keep searching.

I’m Ready to Move Back to Duluth

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Believe it or not, I'm ready to go back to Duluth already. I came home from New York City Monday morning, so that may have not helped, but my town just feels like an ant hill. My town has about 8,000 people and is the bigger town in the surrounding area. It still seems super small. In Duluth, if I want to order pizza at 2 am, I order from Pizza Luce. If I want to go to the beach, I go to Park Point. If I want to volunteer, there's tons of places to reach out at, like I do at Animal Allies. Here, resources are much more limited. I also miss the idea of having a friend always in reach. Right now, most of my friends are working their summer jobs or are finishing their own finals weeks. I'm so ecstatic that I get to live with friends next year, I'm not used to this. It's very lonely.