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Easter Break

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It has become a bit quiet on campus, because our break for Easter starts tomorrow. Many students have left campus already, but I will be here for a couple more days. I am staying in Duluth for my internship and will leave after I finish there on Friday. Read the rest of this entry »

Applying for Scholarships

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Well, they say that old habits die hard, and I seem to be living proof of that. Last year I waited until THE last minute to apply for college and even scholarships. In fact, I don't think I applied to CSS until the middle of April. Word of advice: DO NOT be like me. Seriously. Applications are so stressful and so annoying, but they are absolutely necessary. Applying for any scholarship that you can is fundamental, too. I need to start searching and applying for scholarships, which is something I should have done months ago! No matter which way you put it, college is expensive. Scholastica is especially expensive and sometimes I have no idea how I'm ever going to be able to afford to come here for the next years to come. I love this school, though, so I know I will have to make it work. The only way I can do that, is by applying for scholarships. That is FREE money so why wouldn't you try to get some?! CSS especially has a lot of great scholarships especially for first year students and I would take advantage of any one you can. For me, after all was said and done, it cost less to go to CSS than any other public school I was interested in. I hope the same goes for next year. I am trying to decide how I can cut costs and save money here and there. But that won't be enough, so apply for scholarships and get ahead of the game. It relieves a ton of stress and this dark cloud that is hanging over your head. Seriously.

Boston, Day IV 

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Registration at Midnight

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Since I entered college with about 40 credits, I was able to register with the sophomores at midnight. So, last night I stayed up all night, and once it was 11:59, I had my PIN typed in and my CRN numbers ready. The PIN is just my password so I can register as myself, and CRNs are the numbers that correlate with the class. I was done before the clock hit 12:01! I needed to do this, though, because classes fill up really fast! Two of the classes I wanted already had zero seats left when I looked them up at 12:03. That's only 3 minutes after midnight! It was somewhat stressful, but way less than it was when we registered for spring classes. After fall semester of 2015, I will be completely done with all of my general education requirements and on my way to graduating college! (Not that I'm already thinking that far ahead... I am only a first year after all.)

Light at the End of the Tunnel

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Not only is the sun finally shining on Duluth but the end of the year is also starting to peak its way over the horizon, and with it comes graduation. There are 5 weeks left of my collegiate career and only 6 more shifts of my capstone experience. I can't believe how much time has flown. As the sun starts to set on my time here at CSS it will again rise with the dawn of a new career.