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This weekend is the mid-year dance, snowball! The theme is under the sea and me and my roommates and friends are all planning on going together for a little bit. Dances aren't my thing, but how many more dances will I get the chance to attend? So I figured I better go and try to make some memories. Hoping this weekend is fun and productive so I can finish next week out strong before Easter. 

Women Appreciation Month

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Finalized Poster

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The poster for Boston has been finalized! A special shout-out to Dr. Maki and Dr. Freund for helping to make everything happen. It's been a fantastic experience and I'm excited to present everything in Boston! Read the rest of this entry »

Indigenous Student Alliance

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Today we are meeting to talk about the 56 Nights event we'll be having on April 11th. We'll be making dream catchers and having food. This will be my first time making a dream catcher; I'm pretty excited! More details to come!!

LSU elections

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It has been an honor to be the president of LSU for two years. I did have a lot of support from people when I started the group. Through these two years I have grown as a person. Although I'm no longer president I will still be involved in LSU. I know the new leaders will do a phenomenal job. I'm super excited for them and for LSU's future!!!