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Finally a nice day

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Working at a golf course relies a lot on the weather, since Duluth has had cooler weather the past few weeks, not that many golfers have been coming in. Luckily today the high should be about 80 degrees, which means a lot of people will be wanting to enjoy a round of golf and take in the sunshine. Unluckily for me, I'll be stuck inside for the majority of the beautiful day! 

E-mails as an Incoming Freshman

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When you get your CSS email and access it for the first time, there's going to be thousands of unopened emails. And you are going to possibly cry, have a panic attack, or at least get very annoyed. Read the rest of this entry »

Separate Ways

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I realized that my summer job in Duluth starts a week earlier than expected, so I was totally shocked knowing I would have to move back to Duluth already for 6 weeks on next Tuesday. Yes, I've pretty much only had 2 weeks at home. It makes me really sad. I think that this is definitely help signify me becoming an adult. The cliche, everyone is moving away in different directions, is definitely true. Until now, the transition and separation from my childhood friends hasn't been drastic, but this summer is making it very apparent. My one friend's family might move to Texas, so she'd only be here during school time, but she goes to Bethel. My other friend is booked every day with CNA training. Other friends are just working their tails off trying to pay for expensive tuitions. Here I am, moving 2 hours away for most of the summer, even during the times I would be able to see my friends. I just feel very old right now, but at the same time I feel like I'm still a child; I have been watching childhood cartoons, I can't manage to clean my room entirely, and I'm preoccupied with everything but the future. This is a different feeling from my summer before freshman year. Last summer I was so excited with getting away from my town, growing up, getting my degree and moving wherever I wanted, meeting new people, etc. This summer, the only thing that's similar is I am excited to decorate my own place. I just want to stay here, not forever, but just a little longer with my friends. It makes this summer bittersweet.

Fall Books

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Early Summer

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Yesterday, I moved my best friend back from her college in the cities. I never realized this at the beginning of the year, but we have a very early start to summer break! My last final was May 7th - hers was the 22nd! I noticed that many larger schools from the cities got out later, also so did Anoka-Ramsey where I did PSEO. I love that I get out of school earlier! Some people might point out that we do start a week or two early (I moved in a week earlier than that, I did CSO starting August 25th), but I think it's worth it. By that time in late summer, everything is winding down and I'm somewhat excited to go back to classes. I probably don't mind as much as others too though because I went to a year-round middle school, where I started about August 1st each year. Everyone is stir crazy however by May and just want to go to the lake! Unless it's snowing... But we can't say that this year.  Next year, we actually are starting school a week later and merging our spring and Easter break together. I'm fine with starting later, but like most students I know, I'm super angry that our spring break is being cut into Easter break, in my case because I'm not sure how it will conflict with the PIFT. However, we will see! I am definitely holding off all things school until August.