• Zach Friederichs

    Paynesville, MN
    Global, Cultural and Language Studies, Pre-Physician Assistant

    Halle Nystrom

    Fargo, ND
    Health Information Management

    Mike Boe

    Arlington, MN
    Psychology (OT intended)

    Matt Pint

    Anoka, MN

  • Jacob Reshetar

    Coon Rapids, MN
    Biochemistry and Philosophy, Pre-Med

    Dina Clabaugh

    Career Counselor
    Littlefork, MN
    BA Public Health, UMD. MS College Counseling & Student Development and Rehabilitation Counseling, SCSU.

    Lourdes Bunay-Vivar

    Minneapolis, MN

    Courtney Stempinski

    Cambridge, MN
    Elementary Education

  • Jesse Heaton

    Heyworth, IL
    Exercise Physiology (PT intended)

    Ari Skalisky

    Hermantown, MN
    Nursing and Psychology

    Alexa Lee

    Esko, MN

    Jake Elwood

    Blooming Prairie, MN

  • Joey Ervin

    Eden Praire, MN

    Jordan Milan

    Farmington, MN
    Marketing, Business Communication ’01; MBA ’07, University of St. Thomas

    Hong-Ming Liang

    Associate Professor of History & Politics
    Taipei, Taiwan
    Ph.D. History, Washington University, B.A. History, PolSci, & Intl Relations, UW – Madison

    Tannyr Heyl

    Blaine, MN
    Management and Public Relations

  • Laura Johnson

    Senior Admissions Counselor
    Duluth, MN
    Communication’06; MBA ’11, St. Scholastica

    Katelyn Geib

    Graduate Student
    Arlington, MN
    Master of Occupational Therapy

    Alex Quinn

    Grand Rapids, MN

    Daniel Mauro

    Thunder Bay, Ontario
    Global, Cultural and Language Studies

  • Luke Scharrer

    Lake Elmo, MN
    English, Secondary Education

    Alejandra Gomez Maldonado

    Applied Economics

    Emily Nelson

    Rochester, MN

    Benji Sam

    Onamia, MN
    Exercise Physiology (PT Intended)

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The Blue Heron

by / November 20th, 2014 / No Comments »

Read the rest of this entry »

Talking Clean Energy

by / November 20th, 2014 / No Comments »

  The Sierra Club, one of the oldest and largest environmental organizations, held an information session this evening discussing clean energy. I found out about the event through being a part of the Earth Action club, and because I care about the environment I decided it would be worth attending. Read the rest of this entry »

Advanced Exercise Physiology Lab – VO2 Max Test

by / November 20th, 2014 / No Comments »

Today in my exercise physiology lab we ran a VO2 max test on two of my classmates who volunteered. This test is a maximal exertion test where the participant goes until they can't go any further. We also hooked up the EKG machine to get print outs during the test. The participant was also hooked up to the metabolic cart so we could get oxygen consumption values like VO2, VCO2, RER, etc. It was just like in a clinical setting where the participants signed a consent form, pre-test measures (height, resting heart rate, weight, risks, blood pressure, etc.) were taken, and the test was delivered. It was neat to be the person running the test like a clinician to realize what all goes into the process. All went well and the participants did a great job. It was a fun lab and I definitely feel like I am taking what I learn in the classroom and applying it in lab. We are fortunate at CSS to have great resources and equiptment in our lab that give us the capability to learn first hand in a more controlled environment. Read the rest of this entry »

I Found the Library!

by / November 20th, 2014 / No Comments »
This week, I finally set foot into the library... a miracle I know! Caribou is usually my preferred spot, but with such a busy schedule it's hard to get off campus long enough to study. The first floor of the library has the same exact atmosphere - minus the smell of coffee. The past few days I have hid out in the little cubbies they have. I have not managed to get past them... yet.  I have two more floors to explore and the rest of the 1st. With the end-of-the-semester rush kicking in, I feel overwhelmed. It's nice to have this quiet place to go to.

Busy Weekend

by / November 20th, 2014 / No Comments »
Guess what! I got ALL of my homework that I needed to do this weekend done ON A THURSDAY! Are you shocked? Yeah, I am too. But, that's what you have to do when you have a busy weekend planned and don't want to hear that nagging voice in the back of your head reminding you of how much homework you have to do. Being completely done with my homework is honestly such a relief and this will be the first weekend where I have absolutely no homework and can relax. Even though I won't be relaxing all that much, I will be able to enjoy my activities that much more. On Saturday my friends and I are taking a road trip to St. John's University to watch them play against CSS in the first playoff game! I am super excited! The only downfall is that the game starts at noon so we're leaving at 8:30 AM... yuck. But at least it's for something I enjoy and want to do rather than something I have to do! Then on Sunday the Dance Team is holding a dance clinic for young dancers right here at the college! In high school I taught preschoolers at my own dance studio, so I am VERY excited to have the opportunity to teach again! I have a busy weekend ahead of me filled with friends, fun, and dance.. my three favorite things!!